It can be very frustrating to find that you failed to carry all the accessories you need when on a trip or even when packing for the day. So most people have a travel accessories checklist they keep and refer to whenever they want to travel. Those just packing for the office, work, a seminar e.t.c. may not need to keep a checklist since the things they pack are usually very few, still it is important your attention is drawn to these items even though these are not the only items people forget to pack. So as you prepare for the day or pack for that next trip do not forget to include theseessential items. All are available on kuemart.com

1. An airpod pro alternative

The Air PodsProcopy Wireless airpod alternative

You may be wondering how an earpiece is one of these essential accessories for everyday, thinking it is not important, but research has shown that listening to music helps you work faster, more efficiently and makes you more productive. This happens especially when you work on repetitive tasks, that is, tasks that require you to do the same thing again and again. Now isn’t that something to think about and a good reason to always carry one? Besides listening to music while at work, you may want to make productive use of your time while in transit (on your way to or from work) or stuck in traffic. Instead of just sitting there and getting worked up or becoming impatient and frustrated at the traffic, you can spend that time listening to an audio book or recording, or anything that will help you become better as you work. This is where your earpiece comes into play. If you play your music or audio book through your phone’s speakers you may end up disturbing or offending other people and you don’t want to do that. All you need to do is connect your earpiece to your device and plug them into your ears and you’re good to go.
And if you’re going to start listening to music as you work or commute better to get the Air Pods ProWireless Earbuds. This eliminates all of that uncomfortable feeling that using an earpiece with a wire gives you. The Air Pods Pro connects with your mobile device’s Bluetooth, are sleek and do not fall off your ears easily like many products in the market. They pair with the iPhone and all other smartphones, they are very light so you wouldn’t even know you are carrying something in your ears. They are easy to charge (takes about an hour to charge) and also lasts long (about 4.5 hours talk time and 18 hours standby). This simply means you don’t have to look for a way to charge them every second and even if you have to charge them, they support wireless charging so you don’t have to stress out yourself with the device. If you are a real music lover, you will enjoy the Air Pods Pro very well as they have enhanced bass/audio quality, support autoplay and pause, and the basic next song or previous song navigation. With these features, you can have a great musical experience while at work, on the road or while doing anything at all without having to reach for your mobile device at all times. This little accessory is a life saver and a great companion to have and carry for a great daily musical and auditory experience. One press and you are in a world of your own, enjoying what you want to enjoy, when you want to enjoy it and where you want to enjoy it. And you can be having that experience while you work or travel.

2. Wireless Multi Charging Stand

The 4 in 1 Wireless Multiple Function Charging Station


Another interesting accessory you should have and pack when stepping out for the day or when on a trip is a charger. If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to make an important call but your battery had run out of power, and you had forgotten to carry a charger, you will probably understand what I’m talking about, especially when you are on a trip, and are among strangers. While the people around you may be good and kind people who will lend you their chargers, there’s nothing like having your own. This is not about possessing a charger, rather, it’s about that freedom of being able to use it anytime you want, anyhow you deem fit. I bet you agree with that statement.

So, while you always want to pack your charger or chargers, as the case may be, packing a charger for every device you have can easily become something else. Think about it, a charger for each of your phones, another for your tab or iPad, one for your smart watch and so on and so forth, not to mention that you would most likely be carrying your laptop and would also have to carry its charger.The number of charger can easily amount to a weight you do not want to carry, and if they do not, I believe you would not want to have a bunch of equipment with wires all intertwined and entangled in your bag. This would mean extra work of undoing the entanglement every time you want to make use of the chargers. Well, it doesn’t have to always be like that. There’s a solution. It’s the 4 in 1 wireless multiple function charging station.

As its name suggests, you can charge up to 4 of your devices at the same time.While this charging station is bit larger than others, it is simple and practical with great storage and organizing effectiveness. It is ideal for corporate meeting rooms, classrooms, restaurants, hotels and living rooms with multiple technical devices to keep them neatly organized.One of the best things about this multiple function charging station is that it can charge almost every phone or tab – iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony and many more brands. This is good news! You don’t have to carry or look for the specific charger for each of your devices.You have it all in this 4 in 1 multiple function charging station.

This wonderful device is unlike others in many ways. One special property is that it comes with a technology and design that eliminates the overheating and radiation risks associated with the majority of wireless charging devices. It is indeed a good one to have and carry with you everywhere you go.

3. A Smart Thermos/ Water Bottle

Irrespective of whether you’re working, exercising in the gym, on an outdoor trip, in a camp or anywhere else, daily fluid intake is essential for good health. It is vital to being and staying productive. While this is not an article about health, work, or even travel, it is important to note that one of the ways to reduce stress is to increase your intake of water. And this impacts your productivity and your life in general.

But depending on where you live in the world, it may be unwise to drink from just about any place you find water. This is especially true if you travelled to a place you are unfamiliar with or cannot vouch for the safety of the water in a place you are going to. For health and safety reasons it is good to always carry your own water

So whether you intend on carrying water, coffee, or any other kind of fluid you will need a water bottle, especially one that can preserve, or at least, tell the temperature of its contents. This is where a smart thermoscomes in.

And what better smart water bottle than the Smart thermos Stainless Steel Water Bottle with temperature display that both tells you the temperature of the fluid it contains and preserves that temperature. It is good for all seasons as it can carry both hot and cold water and preserve the temperature unlike a regular water bottle. The LED intelligent temperature display on the top of the Smart thermos Stainless Steel Water Bottle can last up to 5+ years of usage (or 80,000 touches) without any need to change the battery so this is not one of those products that you will waste money on after your purchase.

This water thermos/bottle with smart vacuum insulation maintains hot water for up to 24 hours and cold water for up to 12 hours so you are not about to be disappointed. It is made of a premium 304 stainless steel vacuum.

And if you are wondering if it can carry as much fluid as you would need or whether it is easy to maintain, you shouldn’t. As for containing as much fluid as you would need, that depends on the individual but it has a 17 OZ/500 ML capacity. As for being easy to maintain, it is. It is easy to clean and use.

These three accessories together can make a big difference in your day it is important to never ever forget them again. So when next you are packing for work, camp, or are planning a trip for a few days, you should carry these 3 items.


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